Ditch the Paper Rosters, Go Digital!

Student Attendance

Staff can check student in and out, or mark a student as absent quickly using the BB School app.

Staff Timecard

Save time and improve the accuracy of your business reporting with staff timeclock. Easily track your staff payroll hours.
Turn check-in/out process into a self-service kiosk module

Check-In/Out Kisok

Secure, easy digital check-in. No more hassle printing check in-out sheets with illegible parent signatures. As parents drop off their children, parents can check their children in with their unique 6-character PIN, and digitally sign off. And staff also can check-in/out with their unique timecard PIN code.

Track Attendance Details

Check in-out students securely. Record and manage absent records along with detailed notes. Track each stuent's total class hours with attendance details. Generate invoices for actual pickup services, charges of consumed class hours, and more.