Digital your pickup service and pickup tasks assignment.

Assign Drivers

Management of pickup plans has been centralized to a single location so you don't have to waste time navigating to find what you need. Generate pickup plans for students who need pickup services and assign the pickup tasks to different driver.

Monthly Pickup Tasks

Easily create multiple monthly pickup tasks based off existing pickup plans. Reduce the amount of manual data entry and give yourself more time to focus on other needs. Streamline the ability to update, edit, create and reproduce monthly pickup tasks with CloudBB.

Today’s Pickup Tasks

Stay informed whether you are simply changing the day's driver, cancelling pickups, or just pushing out additional task lists to drivers. Any modifications or cancellations to student pick up plans will be displayed in real-time between all three parties. Additional notifications like instant SMS, emails, and updates via CloudBB App will keep everyone in the loop at all times. Ensure that your after school administrators, drivers, and parents don't miss any vital updates with CloudBB!
Driver’s app for picking students up.

Driver’s Homepage on Laptop

Show drivers their monthly pickup tasks on homepage, including date, school, numbers of students need pickup, and their names. New task updates can be seen on driver’s homepage in the real-time, that is, the driver can see the latest pickup task lists all the time.

When Drivers Arrive for Pickups

Drivers will be able to access the latest daily pickup task lists on the BB School mobile app. Vital information such as pickup times, school, and the number of students needing a pickup will be provided so that they won’t miss a child. Once drivers have completed their pickup tasks, checking-in is done within a matter of seconds by click on the student’s name!

Real-time Pickup Status Updates

Anytime the students were picked up, parents can view the latest pickup status on BB Parents app, they will know when, and who picked their children up.