Provide quality through course management module.


Create and plan terms and include courses to be offered, faculty, and student intake. List the course price, plan and schedule all your courses for each class period for students to enroll.

Course type

Flexible course type configuration including group class or 1 on 1. Meet all your students learning needs.

Price book setup

Set up base plans, discount plans, and refund policy. Configure multiple fee plans for each course. Create and configure student fee payments for courses on the basis of class and course type. Track fee collection and outstanding amounts for different periods with the ability to automatically calculate fines.
Auto-calculate spent hours and remaining class hours.

Total purchase class hours

Configure the schedule templates, we also called Section, define the start time, end time, what day have the class of the week, spent hours of each class, and more.

Attendance tracking and class hours calculation

No more calculates and double-checks how many class hours the students have eliminated again and again. CloudBB will help you complete this boring daily work, the student checked in once and the remaining class hours are eliminated once.

Class rosters

Easy to access rosters, including student data, learning progress tracking, make up lessons, and more.

How CloudBB can help you…

· Staff timecard and child check-in/out
· Ensure accurate attendance tracking
· Enhance class hours management
· Improve your teacher-to-student ratio
· Reduce time spent on administrative work