Now it is possible to stay on top of your school’s everything

Campus Management

Have multiple campuses? Set up learning centers, multiple campuses, diverse faculties, etc. to build their custom learning infrastructure and management process.

Staff Management

Oversee staff development with the staff data lets you track and report on up to many pages of employee data.

Room Management

Managing behavior in a classroom is not easy, but CloudBB is here to help. You can easily record room, capacity, assign teachers and students into different rooms, even the students who need make up. All the information you need will now be in a single spot. What a relief!

Family, Parent and Student Data

Store, organize and report on all your data. Make better business decisions with the right reporting. CloudBB comes with dozens of useful reports that give complete flexibility to sort and filter on any fields so you get exactly the information you need.
Improve the quality of your program and stand out from competition.
· Extensive demographic and base data
· Track data of children in your program
· Flexibility to sort and filter on any data
· Get big 360° picture exactly the information you need
· Recordkeeping primes your data for reporting
· Make better business decisions with the right reporting
· Ensure your childcare center’s future is brighter than ever