Still plan and schedule lessons by hand?Go digital and smart

Schedule templates

Configure the schedule templates, we also called Section, define the start time, end time, what day have the class of the week, spent hours of each class, and more.

Class schedule

Auto-generate class schedule based on your class schedule template, modify and view class schedules in bulk. Change rooms, times, and more, future-schedule substitutes.

Class rosters

Easy to access rosters, including student data, learning progress tracking, make up lessons, and more.

How CloudBB can help you…

· Flexible staff and class schedules
· Manage class rosters against classroom capacity
· Store unlimited schedule and attendance history
· Minimize data entry by creating and applying schedule templates
· Record vacations and absences without affecting normal schedules
· Analyze room ratios and utilization to improve efficiency
· Anticipate the future availability of enrollment slots
· Improve the quality of your center and showcase all your hard work