Provide a more direct way of instructor hiring

External Recruitment Website

External recruitment website links to the system. Post every open position online to minimize the communication cost between job seekers and recruiters.

Customizable Application Forms

Customizable application forms with supplementary questions regarding a specific position on the application form and filter applicants with more granularity.

Interview Management

Applicants can schedule their interview appointments on preset availabilities when they passed resume examinations. Interview records entered by interviewers can provide extra information about applicants' performances to facilitate decision making.

Auto-generate Contracts

Contracts related to different objects can be classified into different types. Contracts can be generated based on positions or based on sections.
Completing evaluations and assessments don’t have to be a headache!

Evaluations, Assessments and Survey

Easy as tap, tap, tap. Record daily observations. Fill in assessment reports on the fly with the tap of your finger. Easy way to collect an instructor's evaluation evidence in one place.

Re-enrollment Rate

Improve the quality rating and re-enrollment rate of your center by a recognized digital instructor evaluation module.