Minimize Enrollment Data Entry

Custom Enrollment Forms

Build a custom web registration form and display it on your website! Already have an existing registration form? No problem. Integrating your existing registration form to CloudBB is a quick and easy process!

Enrollment Data Entry

Minimize the time spent manually entering enrollment data! Parents who enroll their children online to your school or program will have their information imported into the CloudBB system automatically. Staff can manually enter enrollment information on Online Registration page or bulk upload students via Excel document.
Enable parents to register from anywhere at any time.

Online Parent Registration

Easily and comfortably enroll students online at your school! Parents simply enter their contact information, start adding children associated with their families, and begin enrolling as necessary. CloudBB takes care of the rest and eliminates the tedious work of repeatedly filling out the same contact information for multiple children under the same family. With CloudBB's online registration form, enrollment has never been easier.
Listing your programs, courses and manage enrollment pipeline.

Class Listing

Class listings are updated in real-time based on your programs so families can view the most up to date information. Using a mobile phone or computer, parents can register their child anytime and anywhere.

Manage Enrollment Pipeline

As new families apply for your school or program, you need to keep track of which stage these families are in your enrollment pipeline. Move potential enrollments between different funnels and understand how your pipeline is growing. Manage your enrollment pipeline, forecast growth, schedule enrollments, and increase enrollment volume.