Absence or cancellation

The types of absences – such as whether it was a planned absence or a sick absence—may sometimes factor into the decision to allow make up requirements. CloudBB will mark the absence or cancellation, and schedule a make up class.

Schedule a make up class

If a class is already scheduled, but another student want to request make up. At this point, a staff member should add this student to create the make up and don't worry about the room capacity. The system will be prompted—override the maximum capacity on the class.

Make-up class contents

Do not know the learning progress of the students who need make up class? Check student's learning portfolios, class syllabus, and learning progress, add students who need make up into the right class.

How CloudBB can help you…

· Make makeups easier than ever
· Makeups management in a new way
· Makeups can be generated from an absence or cancellation
· Makeups can also be manually created by staff members
· Makeup is never missed