Plan open house campaigns to improve enrollment volume

Capture More Potential Enrollments

Improve your capture to enrollment ability. Easily record potential client's information from email messaging to facilitate follow-up.

Online Chat to Lead

Work with your online customer service software to capture potential enrollments. CloudBB will record chat details between potential customers and your online live chat service. The chat details and contact information are input into CloudBB’s marketing system so you can gather more potential enrollments and engage with them.

Website to Lead

Build the type of custom web enrollment form you need or integrate with your current website form builder to capture your web visitors to CloudBB. Simultaneously, generate multiple records automatically with information such as potential customers, enrollment, family, and family members as soon as they hit “submit” on your web form.

Understand how visitors are interacting with your website in real time
Online Visitors
Track and engage with both new and returning visitors. Analyze their behavior and pages of interest. Follow up effectively and close more deals faster.
Visitor Score
Score visitors and classify them as hot, warm, or cold based on your criteria. Make visitor scoring more targeted by bringing in elements like the current visiting page, country, source, landing page, duration, last visited time and other criteria based on behavior that defines the visitors who are most interested in your products and services.
Visit Summary
Turn your website into a lead generation machine. Your visitors enrolled as your leads, you can view their visit summary and visitor score, focus on leads that deserve your attention.
Make your open house campaign sign-in process digital
QR Code Promotion
Generate QR codes for every promotion channel of your campaigns. No additional investment in other apps is required.
Staff Solicitation
Generate invitation QR codes for each staff member. Share their personal invitation code with friends, family members, or other contacts. At the end of campaigns, see how many interested parties were brought in by each staff member and how many new enrollments were acquired.
Digital Sign-In
On the day of a webinar or open house, the attendees simply show staff their unique QR codes on a mobile device, scan it, and CloudBB will update with this up-to-date information.
Identify which campaigns and channels are most effective
Campaign ROI and Promotion Channel ROI
Optimize the effectiveness of each campaign and channel by calculating real-time updated data including number sent, responses, conversion rate, total revenue, and actual cost. Define campaigns routing to ensure campaign effectiveness and identify which ones are most effective.
Campaign Snapshot
Real-time data updates of your campaign and each channel. Know your campaign’s progress and which channels are working most effectively. Base your next marketing decisions on campaign ROI analysis so you can enhance your marketing initiatives.
Attract, nurture, and convert your leads
Boost your business and drive more deals by nurturing all the leads in your pipeline. Converting a lead into a potential buyer depends on your efficient nurturing. CloudBB ensures proper follow-up to nurture leads across the sales cycle.
Manage Duplicates
Ensure data is clear and create validation rules to prevent duplicate records from being saved.
Lead Scoring
Dealing with a large number of leads every day makes it difficult to determine which ones to focus on. Scoring them lets you prioritize your sales leads to ensure faster conversions.
Lead Assignment
outing leads to the right staff.
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