Chasing tuitions from parents can be stressful and time-consuming.

Setup Account for Online Payment

It's convenient for parents to make payments straight from their mobile device using their credit cards or bank account. Setup your bank deposit account to help your school or center stay on top of payments so you do not have to go chasing parents down.

Email Bills to Parents

You can create personalized items and choose rate based off of hourly and daily attendance, pickups per day, or base it off of a fixed monthly rate. Then email a quick invoice to parents directly.

Pay Online

Receive payments when parents pay via bank account, credit card, or other, by clicking the payment button in the email you sent to them. And the payment status will be synced to the invoices automatically.
Track payment status in one place.

Synchronize Invoices to QuickBook

Synchronize invoices to your QuickBooks account. And CloudBB will synchronize the invoice status from your QuickBooks account.

Track payment status at a glance

As you receive payments, track your invoices and change their status to Paid. You can also save on paper and send digital receipts automatically.