Still plan and schedule lessons by hand?Go digital and smart

Term/Semester management

Create and plan terms and include courses to be offered, faculty, and student intake. List the course price, plan and schedule all your courses for each class period for students to enroll.

Course type

Flexible course type configuration including group class or 1 on 1. Meet all your students learning needs.

Price book setup

Set up base plans, discount plans, and refund policy. Configure multiple fee plans for each course. Create and configure student fee payments for courses on the basis of class and course type. Track fee collection and outstanding amounts for different periods with the ability to automatically calculate fines.

Academic structure and syllabi

No more recording your assessments on paper. Set up academic structures and syllabi to include multiple programs and courses offered. Using CloudBB to track student learning progress in their requirements and build student development portfolios.

How CloudBB can help you…

· Streamline course planning with the latest technologies
· Accomplish a lot with limited resources
· Designing popular courses that can adapt to the changing needs
· Create improvement plans for course development
· Ensure students understand their curriculum and syllabus
· Easily view developmental progress for all students